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5 Best Surefire Flashlights of 2022 Available on Amazon


These are the best SureFire flashlights of 2022. We love SureFire for its tough, powerful flashlights and excellent build quality.

Here are our top 5 SureFire flashlight picks, looking at key features like brightness, price, weight, size and battery life. You're sure to love one of these!

Best overall: SureFire G2X Series LED | $53.99

SureFire G2X Series LED
The SureFire G2X Series LED is our pick for the best overall SureFire flashlight. It's tough, is super bright with 600 lumens and can also be run at 15 lumens to extend the battery life: perfect for hiking! It's a fantastic all around flashlight at a great price.

Best value: SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Triple-Output | $29.99

SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Triple-Output
The SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Triple-Output wins our best value award. It's exceptionally light weight, super compact and is plenty bright. It comes with a split ring and a mini carabiner clip making it easy to carry. Perfect to use an an every day carry flashlight.

Best brightness: SureFire Fury DFT 1500 | $179.00

SureFire Fury DFT 1500

The SureFire Fury DFT 1500 is the brightest SureFire flashlight we've seen at a whopping 1500 lumens. We love how it comes with multiple backup Surefire CR123A batteries making it very reliable and perfect for emergencies.

It's great for camping as you won't need to recharge it even with prolonged use (just pop in another battery when it runs out).

Best weight: SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED | $80.49

SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED
The SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED is our favorite tiny SureFire flashlight. It's ultra-compact and is perfect to attach to a key ring. At 300 lumens, it packs a surprising punch for its size.

Best size: SureFire E2T-MV Tactician High-Output | $119.00

SureFire E2T-MV Tactician High-Output
The SureFire E2T-MV Tactician High-Output is a great bright, portable flashlight. It can be used in a wide variety of temperatures, comes with a pocket clip which we like and is reasonably priced. A great all around flashlight.