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5 Best NEBO Flashlights of 2022 Available on Amazon


These are the 5 best NEBO flashlights of 2022 available on amazon. NEBO is known for its innovative high lumen flashlights, with a mix of features. Some are ultra-portable while others are super bright. Which one to choose is up to you as you can't go wrong with these flashlights.

Best overall: Nebo 6353 Larry C | $9.99

Nebo 6353 Larry C
The Nebo 6353 Larry C wins our best overall award. It's a perfect balance of portability, size and comes in at a very low price. It's plenty bright for its size and has a rotating magnetic clip which is great for hands-free usage as it attaches to almost anything.

Best value: Nebo 6352 Larry C | $11.58

Nebo 6352 Larry C
The Nebo 6352 Larry C wins our best value award. It's portable, has a fantastic price and also comes with a rotating magnetic clip. Perfect as a work light.

Best brightness: NEBO Big Daddy 2000-Lumen | $49.99

NEBO Big Daddy 2000-Lumen
The NEBO Big Daddy 2000-Lumen is the brightest Nebo flashlight available today. With 2000 lumens, it's a work horse! Great for having around the house during a power outage. It's completely waterproof (with an IPX7 rating), has 4 adjustable zoom levels and 5 light modes (from HIGH at 2000 lumens, to a LOW 500 lumens that lasts 15 hours).

Best weight: Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight | $29.99

Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight
The Rechargeable Pen Light Flashlight wins our best weight award. We love pen lights for their versatility and how easily they fit into a pocket. This flashlight is very light weight, rechargeable and is waterproof. It comes with 4x zoom so you can focus it on something in the distance or set it to have a wider field of view.

Best size: NEBO 250-Lumen COB LED | $16.99

NEBO 250-Lumen COB LED
The NEBO 250-Lumen COB LED has a great mix of size and features. It's compact, remarkably light and has 250 lumens which is great for its size. It comes in at a great price so you can't go wrong with this one.