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3 Best Klipsch Bluetooth Speakers of 2022 Available on Amazon


These are the 3 best Klipsch Bluetooth Speakers of 2022 available on amazon.

Best overall: Klipsch Powered Wireless Surround | $249.00

Klipsch Powered Wireless Surround
The Klipsch Powered Wireless Surround wins our best overall award. Boost the power of the Klipsch Bar 48 soundbar with these Klipsch Surround 3 wireless speakers. Independent wireless technology allows for installation anywhere and plug-and-play technology for easy connectivity. These Klipsch Surround 3 wireless speakers decode Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio to provide a cinematic sound experience.

Best value: Klipsch Heritage Series Groove | $99.99

Klipsch Heritage Series Groove
The Klipsch Heritage Series Groove wins our best value award. It has a great price. Play your favorite music with this Klipsch Heritage Groove matte black speaker. High quality construction provides dynamic and detailed sound, delivering excellent audio quality across multiple genres, and a powerful battery lasts up to 8 hours. This mid-century modern Klipsch Heritage Groove matte black speaker features a classic design with authentic wood and durable metal accents, and Bluetooth features support wireless streaming.

Best rating: Klipsch The One II | $229.99

Klipsch The One II
The Klipsch The One II wins our best rating award. Enjoy concert-level audio with this Klipsch The One II tabletop stereo. A professionally tuned bi-amp system provides clear sound and Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows you to stream music over long distances. This tiny Klipsch The One II tabletop stereo features a mid-century modern design with a classic look and the 3.5mm input provides connectivity for older devices.