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6 Best Flashlights Under $20 of 2022 Available on Amazon


We review the best flashlights under $20 of 2022. All of these are great, well-priced flashlights perfect for gifts and to have as backup lighting around the house.

Best overall: PROZOR 3W COB 1W | $8.99

Small, rechargeable with both a front facing LED light and a side-facing work light. Great all-around option for a low price.

Best value: Eveready LED Flashlight Multipack | $5.48

Eveready LED Flashlight Multipack
Two flashlights, 2 batteries for ~5 bucks, you can't beat this deal. This won't be the brightest or longest lasting flashlight you've ever owned, but it does work and is so inexpensive there's nothing to lose by having one around.

Best brightness: Bright Flashlight Kit with | $13.99

Bright Flashlight Kit with
Exceptional brightness with 1000 lumens, this rechargeable flashlight is a great deal. It comes with a handy zoom feature which allows you to focus in on something or zoom out to brighten a larger area.

Best weight: Finware 5 Pack Mini | $9.99

Finware 5 Pack Mini
Tiny keychain size light, perfect for helping unlock a door at night. Its flat size means you won't notice it in your pocket, and it comes with a 5! pack which means you can gift it out to family members and friends.

Best size: Olight I1R EOS 130 | $19.99

Olight I1R EOS 130
Easily our favorite tiny flashlight. It's so small it not only fits in your pocket but even fits comfortably in that little pocket inside your pocket (known as a watch pocket or coin pocket). It packs a surprising punch for its size with 130 lumens and is rechargeable. This makes it a great flashlight for everyday use.

Best battery capacity: Flashlights Rechargeable USB, OTYTY | $19.99

Flashlights Rechargeable USB, OTYTY

This 2-pack of flashlights is the best deal around. It would be a great deal if it was only 1 flashlight but it comes with 2!

Each flashlight is super bright with 1000 lumens and comes with 2 massive 4200mAh batteries ensuring exceptional battery life.

  • It has a unique side-light feature which is perfect for using it as a work light.
  • The front light comes with a handy zoom feature allowing you to illuminate a large area of focus down on a single spot.
  • It has an micro USB port for easy charging and comes with 2 charging cables.
It's a great light to add to a car's emergency kit thanks to its strobe feature and work light mode as well as a fantastic light to have around the house for every day use.