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5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 of 2022 Available on Amazon


These are the 5 best Bluetooth Speakers Under $50 of 2022 available on amazon.

Best overall: Insignia Rugged Portable Bluetooth | $15.99

Insignia Rugged Portable Bluetooth
The Insignia Rugged Portable Bluetooth wins our best overall award. It has a good price. Listen to music on the go only with Best Buy. This Insignia NS-CSPBTF1-BK speaker has a durable structure that is convenient to carry and a drip-proof design for protection against water. Bluetooth technology lets you stream music wirelessly from compatible devices.

Best value: Bitty Boomers Fortnite Beef | $12.99

Bitty Boomers Fortnite Beef
The Bitty Boomers Fortnite Beef wins our best value award. It has a great price. Play your favorite tracks anywhere with this Bitty Boomers Fortnite Beef Boss Bluetooth Speaker. The included battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. The small size of 2 inches is easy to carry in a pocket. This Bitty Boomers Fortnite Beef Boss Bluetooth Speaker has a selfie feature that remotely activates the phone's camera for better still shots.

Best rating: iHome iBT81 Portable Bluetooth | $38.68

iHome iBT81 Portable Bluetooth
The iHome iBT81 Portable Bluetooth wins our best rating award. Create a fun atmosphere at your home party with this color-changing iHome Bluetooth speaker. You can stream your favorite playlists from any paired device, and your personal music assistant plays songs from popular streaming services via voice commands. This rechargeable iHome Bluetooth speaker has a built-in speakerphone to answer incoming calls.

Popular: iHome iBT78 Portable Bluetooth | $39.99

iHome iBT78 Portable Bluetooth
The iHome iBT78 Portable Bluetooth wins our popular award. Complement your favorite playlist with this iHome color changing Bluetooth speaker. Its six color modes add dynamic visual style and recognize voice commands via Melody Personal Music Assistant for hands-free control. This iHome's color-changing Bluetooth speaker offers 16 hours of playback and can be turned off to listen all day long.

Best battery life: JAM Hang Up Portable | $19.98

JAM Hang Up Portable
The JAM Hang Up Portable wins our best battery life award. It has a fantastic price. Make your music stick with this JAM Hang Up Bluetooth Speaker. Its waterproof design is perfect for soaking in the bath or singing in the shower while listening to your favorite song. The suction pad allows you to place it almost anywhere within 100 feet of your smart device. This JAM Hang Up Bluetooth Speaker has a built-in cable for convenient charging.